Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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8/28/2014 8:27:37 AM
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Brother J
Point of No Return

It is a term that airplane pilots use. It can be used two ways, one is on takeoff roll there is a point as they roll down the runway that if there is a problem they can abort the takeoff and no problem. They just apply the brakes and return to the hangar to fix the problem. Another way is when they are in the air going a long distance and headed to another airport, there comes a point when they cannot turn around and go back to the airport they came from. That term reminds me of something in the Bible. God created us and wants us to honor and respect and worship Him. He gets angry if we worship other gods or play religion and do not really respect and worship Him. That goes for a person, family, local church, denomination or country. Our country seems to be leaving or forgetting God and people are not respecting God’s Word. Many profess to be Christians but do not obey the Bible. They live a lifestyle contrary to the Bible. Others may go to Church but they have made the word of God say what they want it to or do not really worship God. This is dangerous and can have serious consequences. Just read Isaiah Chapter 1:1-31 and Jeremiah Chapter 1:1-37 and see what happened to Judah and Israel when they disobeyed or ignored God. See you in Church next Sunday. 

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